Monday, March 06, 2006

Hurraiah....We can talk in the e-mails also...

Hurraih....We can talk in the emails also

Technology barriers are no more...The need is the way to build new machines ...In this era of knowledge base,we have extended our way of contacting each other in e-mail format..In the past we have the services called Telephone, Letters, and after the Internet was emerged we are doing via text based e-mail service. But due to VOIP services we can even talk when our contacts are on line...You know these services like Yahoo,Gmail,Rediff-bol. But the limitations are the contacts should be on line to talk...If they are off line you can only write the Off lines...

But the technology has reached to voice in the e-mails...The new Patented technology from the Now pos on line systems which was founded and lead by Ayyappa Nagubandi..It is possible to talk in the mails and he called it as vMail. So what is this service and how we can use it ....Let us know..

What is vMail?

vMail:- is the short name for the Voice-mail. i.e. we can talk in our emails... So say good bye to text based mails and say welcome to Voice based mails.

What is the way to use a vMail?

The very need to do is just register your name at and start talking in the emails...

what are the system requirements to use vMail?

A Pc(personal computer)
A Mic ( to speak)
A Head-phone ( for Hearing)
A Nowpos account ( its compulsory) and this id is Free of cost

Why should i have to use vMail service?
Up till today you are using text based mail services but to express your feelings and your expressions you need to send your voice. Here you can talk anything..any language and to any id

Can i send this vMail to another mail service providers?

Yes , You can send this vMail to any other e-mail providers ( like Yahoo,Gmail,Sify,Rediff etc). If you open the in box you will get the mail and if you open it..You can hear it..But to reply in vMail you need to have Nowpos id....


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